The Places We Went

Even though we were only in Cuba for a short period of time, we covered a lot of ground and visited a lot of places. Starting in Havana, we spend our first few days exploring the country’s capital by day and sleeping in Tarara at night. We then moved west to San Diego de los Banos, where we stayed in a lovely hotel for a night. Our stay in San Diego de los Banos was short, though, as we stayed here for only one day before moving on to Vinales. Vinales was very different from the city lifestyle we had observed during our few days in Havana, as Vinales was part of the countryside/farmland area of Cuba. Here we explored how farmers lived in Cuba, a very different way of life compared to the city dwellers of Havana. After two nights in Vinales we went back east and spent a night Jibacoa. From Jibacoa, we passed through Playa Giron, and settled in Cienfuegos for the night. Cienfuegos was another short visit, but just like every other place we stayed, we made our time here memorable. Then, it was on to Trinidad, where we stayed in the cutest bed and breakfast for two nights. Trinidad was more similar to Havana than the other places we stayed, as it was a busy town with a lot of tourism. This prepared us for our final night in Cuba, where we went back to Havana and said our goodbyes. Each place we stayed throughout our trip was a unique and unforgettable experience and to say I had a favorite would be a lie, as I really enjoyed each stop for different reasons. I’m thankful to have gotten to see so many contrasting lifestyles based on the places we stopped. I think it is worth noting that even with so many different lifestyles, it seemed a consistent idea that Cubans are proud of their roots and their way of life no matter where in the country they may be, which I thought was really cool and I feel lucky to have gotten to visit so many memorable spots.

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