The People We Met

20170628_183915.jpgThe main reason for our visit to Cuba was to learn, and get people to people contact with real Cubans. Throughout our trip we had the chance to listen, question, and understand what life is like for many people all across Cuba. In Havana, we met a street performer who recognized Tracey, a beggar who convinced Katherine to give him her shirt, a design store owner, a famous singer, a tattoo artist, a museum owner, a fashion magazine team, the only journalist who reported the Castro trials, and many other journalists who strive to bring honest news to Cuba. We also met an artist dedicated to celebrating diversity in Cuba, an artist who was close friends with Fidel Castro, and another who was not so much liked by the Cuban government. But this was just the beginning. Moving out of Havana and onto other stops, we met tobacco farmers, coffee farmers, a guinea pig roulette announcer, government workers distributing food, bed and breakfast employees who were so thankful for our gifts, they gave us gifts in return, and many many other amazing people in between. And of course we can’t forget about our incredible taxi drivers who traveled with us and provided great stories and insight throughout our journey. Each person or group we got the chance to meet and talk with gave us a fresh opinion and meaningful viewpoint on how life in Cuba really is, and how the people keep their spirits so high no matter what may be going on. This chance to speak with and listen to many different types of people in Cuba have allowed me to take away honest and meaningful information on what life in Cuba is truly like. The Cuban people have unbreakable spirits and choose to celebrate life in whatever ways they can. They are a people with rich culture and interesting stories worth sharing, and I’m glad they chose to share it with us.



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