The Food We Ate

20170626_134022Chicken, and pork, and fish, oh my! As we traveled from place to place around Cuba, we experienced new sights and met with many different and wonderful people, all while eating a lot of similar meals each day. For breakfast, we had eggs, fruit, rolls, fruit juice, and coffee. We could have our eggs scrambled, fried, or in the form of an omelette, and sometimes even hard boiled. I’ve never eaten so many eggs in such a short amount of time in my life. I’ve also never had fruit juice as amazing as we had our mornings in Cuba (it was literally just the fruit in juice form with nothing added, it was so rich). For lunch, we had either ham and cheese sandwiches, or we could sometimes pick from our dinner options. Our dinner options almost every night were chicken, pork, and beef or fish. These options were always served with a side of rice and a small salad.  Surprisingly, we also had pizza as an option a few different times. The very first meal we had in Cuba was at a cute little diner in Havana, where I had pizza. We also went to Maira and Tracey’s favorite pizza place (and small animal petting zoo) one of the first nights of our trip. Pizza is not something you’d expect to have in Cuba, but Tracey and Maira definitely knew what they were talking about when it came to this cute little pizza shop. The final time I had pizza was in Trinidad, during our free time. The small restaurant we stopped in offered pizza, pasta, and other italian dishes (not what you’d expect in Cuba), and halfway through our meal, the power went out. I felt like we were getting the true Cuban experience!  During our time in Trinidad we were also given a few new dinner options, including squid and lobster, one night we even had a buffet! This new diet was a bit difficult for my body to get used to, and made for some interesting trips to the bathroom (too much information? Probably). Even though my tummy had some issues, overall I really enjoyed a lot of the food we tried while in Cuba and I felt like I was being much better to my body by eating so many healthier options (my body was just having a difficult time getting rid of all the American toxins, I’m sure). The food we ate really added to the Cuban experience and reminded us just how spoiled we are in the U.S.



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