Most Memorable Moments

Every moment I spent in Cuba I loved and would give my first born child to relive (not really, just dramatic emphasis), but there were a few moments that I feel especially stood out. For starters, the very first night we spent together in Cuba, the ladies of the babe cave (aka the larger house where the girls slept) held a gossip hour in the living room, and somehow, we all went from strangers to pals real quick. This set the tone for the rest of the trip, and was the moment I realized just how amazing these 13 days were going to be. Our first few days in Havana allowed us access to many of Cuba’s most famous people, including Marta Rojas, the journalist who reported the Castro trials. An unforgettable moment for me was getting to see and even touch her actual notes from the trials and have her recall the event with such detail to our group. We also got the chance to meet Jose Fuster, a famous artist who welcomed us into his living room where we sat on his couch and asked him questions while pretending we didn’t notice his incredible hat collection. Moving onto our next stop, I had heard of sulphur baths before but never taken one myself, and my first experience with this spa treatment was with my new pals in a building that looked like it was once an insane asylum. How could that experience not be memorable?! In Vinales, the scenery was breathtaking and will forever burn an image in my mind, and that first hike might have to go down as the most difficult physical activity I’ve ever done (shoutout to the whole group for not having a single one of us pass out). In Jibacoa, we got the chance to be foster parents for the cutest puppy for a night, in Cienfuego we threw a party in the middle of the street, in Trinidad we danced in a cave, rode a soviet truck up a mountain, and hiked to a waterfall (proud of everyone who voluntarily went on this hike after surviving that first one). When we returned to Havana for our final night, it hit me the trip was coming to an end and I desperately wanted to savor every last second we still had together in Cuba. Our final dinner together was a feast for the books and our goodbyes in the airport the next morning had me a little teary-eyed. This trip to Cuba was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I’ll relive every moment through the pictures and memories I’ll hold onto for the rest of my life. When I’m old, I really hope I never get alzheimer’s because I wouldn’t want to live my life without these memories, like seriously.20170628_124929.jpg


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