Katie’s Daily Updates

What started with an innocent joke between Katie and Jared turned into a true bonding moment for our whole group on multiple occasions. How it came to be such a big deal I’m not entirely sure, but I’m so glad it did. It all began the first few days of our trip, when Jared would ask Katie for updates about her day, an inside joke between the two of them. As he continued to ask this question throughout our travels, more and more of us took notice and would start to listen to her answers. Katie’s sense of humor and good communication skills made what could have been a simple answer into an entertaining monologue, and everyone started to really look forward to her answers. The more days we spent together, the more people wanted to ask Katie about her thoughts on our activities, and with more people getting involved, it turned into more of an hourly update than daily. But Katie was such a good sport about it, taking a sip of water to start, and giving everyone any new thoughts or opinions she had at the time, and ending with her signature snap-hand-gesture. It didn’t take very long for this simple update to become an activity for the entire group, and even Tracey and Maira got involved. This little joke between it’s original creators had no intention of being anything more than that, but by the end of our time together it had become such a significant means of connecting our whole group. Katie’s updates would remind us of all of the wonderful events that took place throughout our day, her witty personal opinions would encourage us to reflect and make opinions of our own, and her presentation would become our favorite form of entertainment throughout our trip. Until everyone returns to St. Augustine and we finally have our reunion, I’ll be not-so-patiently awaiting Katie’s next update(:20170707_225925


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