Cuban Education Part 2

Jumping back to the topic of education in Cuba, for this blog post, I’d like to look into higher education, specifically the University of Havana (UH). UH was founded in 1728 and is actually one of the oldest universities in the Americas. It was also religious at the time, because that was a requirement for universities in those days, however it is no longer. Of course, with time, many other development and changes have gone into UH. Today, the university hold 16 faculties and 14 research centers. The 16 faculties include: biology, pharmacy and foods, physics, geography, mathematics and computer science, psychology, chemistry, arts and letters, communication, law, philosophy and history, foreign languages, accounting and finance, economics, tourism, and distance education. With so many options covering basically every end of the spectrum, it’d be difficult for Cubans to find any excuse to go elsewhere. As for student life, after issues with an organization on campus known as the Federación Estudiantíl Universitaria- University Student’s Federation (FEU) back in the days of the Cuban revolution, there has not been much activity as students are unable to gather without government permission. However, there seem to be theatrical organizations on campus available for students, as well as community projects for those who still would like to get involved.  Other than that lack of ability to participate, based on the university’s website,, the university seems pretty similar to those we have here in the U.S. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as research opportunities and international study opportunities. The school has a student body of just over about 24,000, has multiple campus buildings around Cuba (including outside of Havana), and, Fidel Castro graduated from UH! It seems the school is an important part of Cuba’s history, considering it’s been around for so many years. I think it’s be a cool place to pass by or visit while on our trip, if it’s not too far out of the way!


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