U.S.-Cuban Relations

With government figures  currently holding office that are extremely different from our last, its hard to say just what will happen with the United States in relation to Cuba. Before Obama, keeping a nice relationship was hard because the U.S. wanted to change Cuba’s government and refused to have much relationship unless they would comply. Obama, however, eased up on these rules seeing that a better relationship with Cuba could have benefits for both countries. With Trump as our new President, this is possible to change. The U.S. has played a big brother role in the past in other countries including Cuba, trying to force Cuban government to be more democratic which made forming a relationship difficult. I think the Obama administration’s idea to encourage change in individual Cubans living in Cuba instead of encouraging change in the government seemed to be a better way to reach people, considering it allowed some sort of relationship between our two countries. I do think it is appropriate for us to speak out against the issue of poor treatment of human rights in Cuba as that has a lot to do with what we stand for as a country and it wouldn’t be very America not to shove our opinion where it isn’t asked for or wanted. However, we should not push so hard that the relationship is ruined and we get sent back to square one. The U.S. should try to use its power to better the lives of Cubans but it can really only do that by keeping some sort of peace with the Cuban government to make everyone happy. I don’t think it’s the same to compare American relation to Cuba to a metaphorical relationship between a larger country that puts America in the place of Cuba, because America is free and if another country were t want to encourage anti-Trump political groups, it wouldn’t be a big deal since Americans are already free to openly admit to disliking the government, as many already openly do discuss. On the issue of U.S. government prohibiting American tourists from visiting Cuba in an effort to pressure the Cuban government, it is pretty obvious that Cuba desperately needs tourists to help the country’s economy, and it is smart to use this to our advantage, however it is also important to take into consideration the stubbornness of the Cuban government and create guidelines that help both sides. Americans should have some way to be able to visit, we are free after all and shouldn’t be punished or have that ability to travel taken from us. Plus, the increase in American tourists in Cuba would expose Cubans to American opinions and way of life, which could lead to a want for democracy and a possible uprising against the government. Finally, with regards to United States policy trying to strangle Cuban economy, if it hasn’t worked for the nearly half century U.S. has been pushing, it might be time for us to find a new way to push our democratic beliefs on the small socialist country. We can’t force change on everyone but maybe just exposing the country to our better way of life could inspire change in its people. It might be time to let this task fall in the hands of the Cubans to figure out for themselves what they want.


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